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Barra de Navidad is located 217 miles southwest of Guadalajara, 15 miles north of the Manzanillo airport, and 124 miles south of Puerto Vallarta.

The "Bay of Navidad" is a large bay of approximately 3.5 kilometers that has different golden beaches with crystal clear waters. The average water temperature is 26 to 28 degrees Centigrade. You will find different types of marine species including, among others, sailfish, tuna, marlin, sword fish and inland there is deer, ocelot and wild boar. The abundant vegetation that grows in the environment consists of iris, water lilies, palm trees, pine trees, and oak trees, among others. The most important beaches found on this bay are: Barra de Navidad which has steep and strong waves and Melaque, which is a little bit calmer. There are smaller beaches that have a special beauty such as: El Palmito, Majahua and El Tamarindo. These are accessible by boat. All these locations share a common characteristic, a rare and wild beauty. You will enjoy the sea, the sun and the peaceful landscape, not yet affected by tourist developments.

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These beaches allow the visitor to practice all kinds of water sports such as: scuba diving, sports fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing, swimming, surfing, rowing and sailing. You will also find all types of regional arts and crafts such as amber objects, blown glass and various accessories made of shells and snail shells. To satisfy your palate, you can enjoy eating exquisite tropical fruits of the region and all kinds of seafood and tropical beverages.

Barra de Navidad is located on the highway between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta. The "Costa Alegre" or Happy Coast, as the Jalisco Department of Tourism likes to call it, is filled with wonderful little beach towns like "Barra". This small fishing village was a long time favorite for vacationers from Guadalajara-being the closest beach before the highway was built to Puerto Vallarta, some thirty years ago. Barra de Navidad offers the visitor who wants to relax, a bit more peace and quite than he/she can get at the other more developed beach towns such as Puerto Vallarta. Barra has many guides just waiting to take you out to either fish or find a secluded beach for a picnic and a swim.

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A recent new development near Barra has brought those who love golfing to the area. La Isla Navidad, or Christmas Island, has a new 27 hold golf course that will challenge even the best handicaps! All the beautiful vegetation that thrives on a warm tropical climate make this golf course more like a trip to a botanical garden than to a fairway!

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Some Wonderful Places To Eat...

For the best breakfast in town try:


We have two of the finest family restaurants in town:

"Los Arcos and Figeroa"

How About a Margarita? Try:


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Now For The Water Sports !!

The Finest Snorkeling Beach is Tenacatita

The Best Surfing Area is next to the Jetty


Fishing At it's Best..

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